Gold’s Advantages Over Other Investments

feat1Gold is one of the oldest and most flexible forms of investment out there, and investing in gold continues on to modern times where it is just as powerful as it ever has been. Back in the day gold was the standard by which all other forms of currency were measured, and modern paper currency only had value because it corresponded directly to a certain amount of gold. These days paper money is essentially valueless on its own- it doesn’t correspond to anything except its value within a transaction, making it a relatively insecure and unstable form of currency. This instability flows over into many other forms of investing, like stock trading, making them less than ideal places to put your money.

Despite the fact that paper currency has taken over and continues to fluctuate with the wind, gold remains as a solid and supremely viable investment. Here are some of the advantages gold holds over other forms of investment like stock trading.

First, gold represents a much more fluid economy than stocks and bonds. If you are trading in those forms of investment, than you have to trade in a massive public market. This market places a real limitation on how much money you can make from your investment. At any given moment everyone is paying the same price for these investments, the price is determined by what everyone else feels the investment is worth, the buying and selling process is heavily regulated, and everything you do is completely visible and open to manipulation and scrutiny.

On the other hand, purchasing gold doesn’t always have all of these downsides. There are certainly many official channels for purchasing gold that are as regulated and public as the stock market- but you can still purchase plenty of gold through under-the-table transactions. I’m not suggesting you engage in any illegal or unethical transactions or anything like that. When I say under-the-table, I just mean there are lots of opportunities to acquire gold outside of the official markets. You can get gold from individuals, from stores, from pawn shops, and even from yard sales. You can receive gold as a gift or as a family heirloom. There are plenty of ways to acquire and sell gold outside of the traditional markets, and this makes gold a very flexible way to invest.

Even if you purchase all of your gold through official trading channels it provides many advantages over other modern forms of investment. One of the best things about gold is the fact that it is such a stable investment in the long term, making it one of the securest investments out there. The price of gold does fluctuate noticeably in the short term, but this simply means that there are plenty of short term opportunities to purchase gold at a good price. Over the long term, there are few investments as guaranteed to be as viable, as stable and as profitable as trading in gold. If you are looking for a great way to diversify your investments while finding a stable and profitable place to put your money, gold is a great place to look.

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